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Based in Dallas, Texas

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January 2017

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Battle for Candora is a charming and fiendishly addictive free-to-play role-playing and strategic collectible card game. A family-friendly game literally created by a family of gamers (both kids and parents!), Battle for Candora takes place on a mysterious candy-filled planet: Candora. When the Grey Plague infects the population of Earth, Gluconium-6 (Candora’s most valuable resource and a cure for the disease) becomes humanity’s last hope. Harvest Gluconium-6, collect cards, and face off against Candora’s monsters with the help of famous earthlings, awesome toys -- and even tasty food. Do you have what it takes to save humanity?


Battle for Candora is set in a universe created from bedtime stories about Ralph the Elf, Blueberry Muffin Man, and famous figures of history. The first versions of the game were learning experiences and explorations of different ideas for what a game in this universe would be like. The current version of Battle for Candora is a culmination of two-years of development.


  • Enjoy 200+ collectible cards (including 25 cards created from more than 50 unique parts).
  • Battle your way through 65+ missions to complete in the single-player campaign.
  • Earn exciting rewards in a replayable Gauntlet-style challenge mode.
  • Enjoy a completely original soundscape (including 12 unique tracks).
  • Immerse yourself in exciting, story-driven quests with fun rewards and enjoyable cutscenes.
  • Build impressive decks intuitively with a quick and easy-to-learn deck-building system.
  • Construct themed decks to wield 6 special powers.


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About OnOff Gaming, LLC

Founded in Plano, Texas in 2011, OnOff Gaming is a family business that creates indie games for mobile devices. The studio's goal is to make great games -- while also moving the traditional 'brick-and-mortar' family business to the Internet age. Game development is used as a way to teach our children about entrepreneurship and provide them with the skills necessary for success. Team members include parents Barry Bloom (game design and programming) and Sheila Bloom (game design and business) -- along with Connor Bloom (game design and animation), Charles Bloom (art and music), and Chandler Bloom (game design and testing).

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Battle for Candora Credits

Barry Bloom
Game Designer & Programming, OnOff Gaming

Sheila Bloom
Game Designer & Business, OnOff Gaming

Connor Bloom
Animation & Game Designer, OnOff Gaming

Charles Bloom
Artist & Music, OnOff Gaming

Chandler Bloom
Game Designer & Tester, OnOff Gaming

Gina Zdanowicz
Sound Design, Serial Labs Studios

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